Digital Strategy

Using digital media as part of your communications mix is now more crucial than ever. We can help you define your digital strategy to help you extend your reach and realise your goals. Whether you’re entirely focussed on digital exposure, or as part of an integrated campaign, your brand can use the power of technology to grow.

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Web Design and Build 

Your website is your shop window to your customers. It has to reflect your brand and get across your benefits in an instant. What are you offering, who are you aiming at, how can they contact you? From design and build to SEO and content management, our web projects are managed to a high specification and standard. Whether you need a bespoke site, or it makes more sense to use an off-the-shelf platform such as WordPress or Magento, we can help your business find the most practical and successful solution to online selling and presentation. We will also guide you through the reporting process so you can make sense of your analytics and convert the data into improved experience for your customer and better responses for you.

Our in-house technical experts are experienced, practical and plain-talking. We don’t try and baffle you with techno-speak or make things more complicated than they need to be. Our aim is to become a reliable source of advice for all of your online queries.

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Business automation & Bespoke web applications

Business automation and bespoke web applications are often both present in the same project and ultimately are designed to improve efficiency or working practices in an effort to make day to day business more efficient and effective. Our team have designed, developed and supported several applications in recent years which have gone on to become critically important in day to day operations. Some examples include bespoke learning management systems for UK universities (including a Times Higher Education Award winning project), nationwide providers of lifelong learning courses, as well as streamlining a property and rent management company’s old fashioned, time-consuming administrative processes into a centralised online hub, saving hours and improving the image of the company at the same time.

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Corporate and sales presentation material

Whether you’re after a powerpoint, keynote or prezi presentation, a tender document or help constructing a speech, we can help you deliver an engaging story in a memorable way.

Presentations have a wide range of uses, from sales pitches to staff events, seminars, exhibitions and online demos. By working with you to understand your objectives, you can be sure you’re getting your message across in the right way.

The creation process covers researching and writing storyboards, outlining structure, gathering content and pinpointing best mode of delivery, to designing the visual style of the presentation. We can create presentations for all types of devices and platforms, including laptops, tablets, mobile phones and large screens. Working with a strategic partner experienced in presentation coaching, we are also able to offer advice with the verbal delivery of your presentation.

When you need corporate templates and guidelines produced, so presentations can be created by internal teams, we deliver on-brand, consistent and robust, easy-to-use formats to help all adaptations appear professional and high quality. Alternatively, if the task is to create a bespoke presentation, each slide is considered to allow graphics, animations, video, audio and written content to be on brand and clear. Either way the intention is to produce memorable, creative and flexible, value-for-money presentations.

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Email Marketing

Email newsletters are a simple, cost-effective, and timely method of marketing to customers. A well written newsletter or flyer is a great way of reminding your customers of your services, benefits and offers. We can help you create a campaign of eshots that adheres to the requirements set out in CAN-SPAM while engaging customers. We can help you personalise your messages, create templates to customise yourself, and understand the response data.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media has become an integrated part of most people’s lives. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, and Pinterest have become a critical part of every organisation’s marketing mix. Customers, both current and potential, use their social networks for research and communication. We can help you create a network of followers who boost your reach every time you create new content, building pull campaigns, where your customers work for you!

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Online Advertising

Display advertising and behaviour-linked online advertising can be utilised as part of a wider campaign, or alone to boost your online exposure for a specific requirement.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves building your site design and content to best display your business to search engines across the web. The more visible your site, the more likely you are to get the responses you’re looking for. All of our sites are built with what we would describe as ‘common-sense’ SEO, which will give your site the best possible opportunity of success from the outset. We can also advise on how to get more exposure in the first few months of a new site via pay-per-click advertising. If you’d like SEO support thereafter, our team can tailor a package to suit your goals and budget.

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App design and Build

Our team of mobile consultants and app development experts combined with our experienced UX designers are capable of building apps which will enhance your business. It is becoming increasingly critical for some organisations to have an app presence, and our straight-talking team can guide you through the process to deliver innovative, user-friendly iOS and Android apps which work in the real world.

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Video & Animation

Video and moving image has become an important, easy-to-digest addition to brand communication and advertising on websites, social media and within digital displays. Add to that dedicated channels such as youtube, and the power of moving image to support presentations, and it is easy to appreciate the importance of this medium.

We can help devise a presentation which sets the right tone for your business, gets the right message across for your campaign strategy and supports your brand image. And most importantly, generates the desired response with a high quality production.

Take a look at some of our video and animation projects here.

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