Whiteboard animation for Rotherham’s community-based healthcare plans

This project involved illustration and animation work to help Rotherham Foundation Trust communicate changes to the way they approach healthcare in Rotherham.

The task

A team of senior heads of services from Rotherham Foundation Trust all gave us their perspective on the changes that were planned for healthcare within Rotherham,and why they needed to happen. We were tasked with simplifying the message and communicating it in an engaging way.

The creative

After considering various options, we decided cartoon-style sketch illustrations provided an element of fun, making the subject matter easier to take in, and worked within available budget. We first wrote the script, then produced a sketch version of the storyboard before final illustrations being drawn up. A regional accent was selected for the voiceover and animation production began.

The result

A longer, more detailed animation was first created, intended for an internal audience who needed more detail about the specifics of the services. This was then edited for an external audience, to a more manageable 4 minutes.